The Hidden Treasure

  A number of years after the Second World War ended, a soldier was finally released from a prison camp in the Soviet Union and returned to his country, to his family.
He told his family that as the Russian army was arriving he saw some soldiers burying secretly cases filled with Golden articles in a field. They had hardly finished covering the spot when the Russians appeared and killed them all. He was the only one alive to have seen what happened, but was taken as a prisoner.
The problem was that there was now a big beautiful mansion that was built on that field! The family could do nothing about it, except keeping the secret to themselves.
Years later, that man’s grandson started a business that flourished and wanted to buy that house. The owners of the mansion only agreed to sell it at an exorbitant price which he could not possibly afford.
He spoke to his brothers, asking them to put in whatever money they had and share the treasure with him, but they would not!
He worked a few more years, saved all he could, sold his own house,  heavily borrowed from the bank and from some friends, and bought the beautiful mansion!
No sooner had he done so, that he rented a bulldozer and, working alone, he started breaking down the mansion
All the villagers watched in disbelief! Was he mad?
His own family turned against him, tried to stop him, but he kept on digging under the house until… he struck gold!
That is what it means to believe, to really believe. One must act upon what he believes in, or else he will never get to the treasure.
His brothers heard the grandfather’s secret just like he did. They kind of believed him, but did nothing about it. Such a faith got them nowhere…
What about your belief in Jesus’s Words? Is it real? Does it cost you? Have you given up all that should be given up in order to receive God’s Grace and eternal life?
Or have you just gone halfway: You bought the beautiful mansion when you could afford it, but stopped short of demolishing it and digging beneath it?
Will such a faith ever lead you to the treasured eternal life?
“The Kingdom of heaven can be likened to a treasure hidden in a field. When a man digs, searches for it  and finds it, he hides it again and sells everything that he possesses in order to buy that field!”  (Matthew 13: 44)
Mean business with Christ and you will receive from him what you value above all: Forgiveness and Eternal happiness.

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