All Things Work out for Good

All things Work out for Good…

In the nineteenth century there lived a God fearing man in a village.

He was a baker, and needed to travel to the nearest town where he could buy a few sacks of flour and sugar.

He knew that the road was dangerous since there had been a number of attacks on it lately…

So, he prayed asking protection from God and went on his way.

All went well and a few hours later he arrived in the town, bought two sacks of flour and two sacks of sugar, loaded them on his donkey and started his journey back to his village. After praying again for protection, of course, as always.

Now he was concerned with something else: the sky was getting heavy with clouds, and he was worried that it might rain! Where will he find shelter in the forest?!

He shared his fears with the Lord, left them at his feet, so to speak, and picked up the pace.

The clouds, however, were getting rapidly heavier and heavier, and very alarmed now, he reminded the Lord that if it rained, the flour and sugar would be ruined, and so would he!

How would his family survive such a disaster?

Surely, he told himself, God was just testing him, testing his faith. He would not allow such a calamity…After all, it is an easy thing for God to withhold the rain until he arrives home!

So, accelerating his pace, he started singing praises to God. But soon after, the drops started to fall. And it rained cats and dogs that day…

When the sky had cleared up so had the contains of his sacks…

Distressed and angry,  bitter against his Maker he threw the empty sacks away, climbed on his donkey and continued his journey.

Not for long though: He stopped to investigate what was this clicketing noise he could hear from the bushes. And what did he see?:

There stood the most dangerous bandit in the country! He was pointing his gun towards him and pulling repeatedly the trigger… The gun however was not firing, since the hammer of his archaic rifle could not set alight the gunpowder that was now damp, after all this rain!

The baker quickly pricked his donkey and hurried away from danger.

It was only when he went to bed that night that he realized that… if it hadn’t rained he would be dead by now, and his sacks stolen!

By means of the storm, Go had saved his life

And the following bible verse came to his mind:

“Everything works out for good for those who love God!” (Romans 8: 28)


Dear reader,

When you are going through difficult, distressing and unhappy times, keep in mind that God is more concerned with the salvation and well-being  of your soul  than with your present happiness.

He wants most of all to change you, to save you from going to hell and to make you more in the image of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Co-operate with him!


          Constantin Economides

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Thank you for this beautiful & timeless story. For us, God’s creation (the cosmos & everything within it) is vast, & complex beyond our ability to grasp. But certain things are nonetheless clear, & unmistakable, & blessings beyond doubt – such as the most special gifts of the Economides family, & your joyful sharing of them on media platforms. We earnestly applaud & thank you, & pray that the good Lord will continue to bless all of your joyful endeavors!

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