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BEAUTIFUL & RELAXING PIANO cover of You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban) + a good message *by Danielle, 15😀
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The “Good News” in a Modern Parable!

There is no better way to explain what Christianity is all about, than to use this modern parable.

 Two Chinese Brothers in the USA

In the early 1900s, two Chinese brothers emigrated to the USA. The younger one soon became a member of a feared street gang.

One night, during a fight, the Chinese drew a knife and killed his opponent!

Pursued by the police, he was seen entering the building in which his brother lived.

His brother saw him indeed rush into his apartment with bloodstained clothes and with a knife in his hand:

The murderer pleaded: “Help me, save me, the police is after me…”

It did not take long for his older brother to understand what had happened, and seeing him in despair he had an idea! He told him:

“Get undressed, and exchange clothes with me.”

They did so, and when the police finally broke down the door, they found the older, innocent Chinese brother with the knife in his hand and wearing the bloodstained clothes. They arrested him!

During the trial that followed, the innocent brother did not open his mouth in his defense and was sentenced to death.

The day before his execution, he wrote the following letter to his kid brother:

“My brother, whom I love very much,

When you will receive this letter, I would be dead, executed for the murder that you have committed in the clothes that I now wear.

The only way there was for me to save you was for me to take your place, and I am doing this gladly because you are my brother and I love you.

But me dying for you would be worthless, even wrong, if you were to go on living the evil life that you have been living until now.

Now, you are wearing my clothes! I demand that you live in them the way I myself would have lived in them.

If you do not do so, you will be guilty of causing my death as well as that of the man you knifed…”  

Honour the sacrifice I made for you!    


Dear reader,

This parable sums up what the gospel is:

In this parable, you are the younger brother, and Jesus is the older.

Just like with everyone else, your sins are being accumulated, and you will have to bear, on Judgment Day, the just and awful punishment of having to live eternally outside God’s Kingdom, in hell!

Jesus does not want this to happen to you, so, he offered to take upon himself the ultimate punishment that your sins deserve. (Much like the older Chinese did in our parable!)

Even though Jesus is the Only, much beloved Son of God, the Ruler of the Universe, he left his glorious throne in heaven and came down to earth.

He accepted to wear for a time a lower body, that of a man, and lived among us the only sinless life that no one else managed to live while here on earth.

Being sinless, he did not have to suffer and die like we all do! Suffering and death are a consequence of sin!

Being our Creator and having lived without sinning he was able to stand trial for us, offering to suffer and die for our sins, your personal sins included.

By doing this, Jesus satisfied God’s demand that Justice prevails, and that sin be severely punished with death.

By suffering and dying in our stead, Jesus made it possible for God the Father to be simultaneously « Just » and « Merciful », able to forgive our sins on Judgment Day without anyone being able to accuse him that he is unjust, favouring indiscriminately those he wants.

Now God the Father can forgive all those who are “covered by the blood of Jesus”, that is, those who belong to him.

They must certainly be punished, up to a point, for their sins  in Hades, (that is: the World of the Dead), but they are exempted from being thrown in Hell for eternity…

What a wonderful salvation Jesus is offering us..

What a love Jesus showed us!

And how grateful we should all be…

How could we ever hope to escape God’s wrath if we refuse to respond appropriately to his splendid action of sending his beloved Son to the slaughter for us!

When confronted with the amazing love and sacrifice Jesus demonstrated to us we should all be extremely appreciative and eternally grateful!

Is there any greater insult that we can make to God’s face, any greater sin done against him, than taking lightly this matter, and not responding with gratitude, with love and eternal submission to his Son for his self-sacrifice?

Not appreciating what God’s Son did for us, not loving him wholeheartedly and not submitting unreservedly to him is unforgivable!

All other sins can be ultimately forgiven.

But, refusing to respond to the unbelievable sacrifice that Jesus did for us, refusing to become a staunch and faithful follower of his, will never be forgiven…!

If you do not wish to be charged for your sins and for bringing about the death of the Saviour, you ought to change the “clothes of your heart that are stained with sin” with Jesus’ clothes, and live from now on as he would have lived in them…” (Or…sincerely try hard to do so).

What God requires of you is written in the New Testament. It is God’s written Word!  Read it every day of your life and do what it teaches.

What must you do?

Pray and beg the Lord Jesus to enter in your life and heart and start changing you from within.

Cooperate with him and change what needs to be changed in your life.

Read the Bible every day of your life and let it change your way of thinking and your lifestyle.

Prove your love for God and for your neighbor with your deeds.

An important detail:

Let us imagine for a moment that the police had not caught the Chinese murderer that evening, and that, having escaped punishment he was caught with remorse for the evil that he did and changed completely his way of living…

He became the best person he could be, doing good to many.

When, many years later, the police would finally catch him and bring him to justice, would he be exonerated for the murder that he had committed? Of course not!

Regardless of all the good that he had done until then, all his righteousness, he must still bear the guilt and punishment for his action. Justice must be done: He murdered someone, and must pay for his crime.

Likewise, if (without accepting to “change clothes with Jesus”) you were to start living from now on an exemplary life, doing as much good as you can, (hoping to make up for your sins), you will not be acquitted for that much of the guilt that your sins weigh on you!

Becoming a good person is good, but not good enough to save you from the consequences of your evil actions.

You must exchange the clothes of your heart that are stained by your sins with the spotless clothes of Jesus and live accordingly… Then, and then only will God “pass over” your sins and forgive you.

In any case, the greatest and utterly unforgivable sin  that you make, is to fail to respond as you should to the sacrifice that Jesus made in order save you from eternal suffering.

You must submit your spirit, heart and life to him. Learn to love him.

Only if you become a staunch follower of Christ will you be saved! You must be “born” into God’s family. Once that happens, start reading the words of Jesus, daily.

Whatever God wants you to know, to believe and put into practice is written in the New Testament. Study it daily until you die. Jesus did say:

“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that has come out of the mouth of God”.          (Matthew 4: 4)

Just as you must find time to eat your physical food daily, so you must you make time to feed yourself daily with the Words of God (I would say at least half an hour every day). Otherwise, your spirit will become atrophic, weak, and will be easily polluted again with sin and with false teachings that prevail in this world.

Do not read any books on theology: They are man’s words; they can be mistaken, and often are, and you will end up being brainwashed and poisoned by them.

Do not trust the salvation of your soul to churches either…

Learn only from the very Words of God that Jesus taught and that were written down by his chosen apostles, 2.000 years ago.

By doing so you will be taught the Truth, only the Truth, and all the Truth that God wants you to know and follow.

Change radically the way you think and live!

Constantin Economides                  



The Purpose of our Earthly life

The purpose of our earthly life,                  

Do you know that there are some people, today, who do not believe that the earth is a sphere? And this in spite all the evidence to the contrary, including photos of our planet from space… 

And there are also many people today who do not believe that there is a God, a Creator, regardless of all the evidence there is around us. 

In spite of all the unbelievably complicated design that can be seen in everything that exists, they reject the idea of an intelligent, Sublime mind, a Creator! 

But, there are also some of us, who are honest enough with ourselves to recognize that there is a super intelligent Creator, who has created all there is for a good purpose.

(John 12: 45  ,  14: 9  ,  Colossians 2: 9)

And we need to know what that purpose is, in order to know how to live our life on earth! But first, we must determine who that the True God is! ( since mankind has invented many false God’s, many false religions..,

 Is it possible to know which is the true religion, the True God? Yes, it definitely is!

 Briefly: Only one religion can prove in an intelligent, logical, critical way that its founder truly came from God: The Judeo/Christian religion.

 For the sake of conciseness, I will quickly bypass Abraham, Moses, and the prophets of the Old Testament and come straight to Jesus of Nazareth:

His apostles, (whose 2.000 years old writings  have been meticulously kept unchanged until today), claimed that they saw Jesus resurrected after his crucifixion and watched him- with their own eyes- ascend in the sky! (Luke 24: 51)

 If true, that would be the ultimate proof that Jesus truly came from God and knew what he was talking about, wouldn’t it?

 If, on the other hand, what the apostles wrote in the New Testament was a lie, (a lie that they themselves had created), they would definitely not have given their lives, all of them, for spreading such impossible, crazy claims. But history unequivocally testifies that the apostles did die, (after a long life of dreadful persecutions) a martyr’s death, each one of them.

Can we logically explain that twelve men were willing to suffer much persecution and give their lives for a lie that they had invented? No, that is for sure. Not if we are sincere with ourselves.

We therefore conclude that the writers of the New Testament truly saw Jesus resurrected, and that what he had told them was the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.  His resurrection proved it to them and their self-sacrificial lives, to us. (Acts 4: 29)

So, we can be assured that the God of the Bible is real.

We need to know, now,  what is, according to the Bible, the purpose of our existence on this planet!

Well, it transpires from God’s Word that our Creator spends much of his time observing each one of us:

 He made us, he says, much like himself, eternal beings, free to choose what kind of a person we want to be, and he needs to know where he should place each one of us for eternity…

 In his written Word, he says that he will assign a place near himself to anyone who seeks him and lives a selfless life, does what is good, just and loving in his eyes, and who submits to his Son, Jesus, above all. They will be his friends, his children, for ever…  (Psalm 53: 2  ;   John 4: 23  ;   Chronicles 16: 9)

In order to determine who is what, God puts us all through a variety of tests, of experiences, while on this earth, and watches out to see:

Will we seek in all circumstances, to please Him? (Matthew 6: 33.  ;  Luke 12: 29 – 34   )

Will we be loving to others and do to them as we wished they would have done to us, (if we were in their shoes), or will we live self-centered lives! (Luke 6: 31.  ;   Galatians 5: 14. ;  Leviticus 19: 18)

 And, most importantly, he watches to see if we will recognize and love his Only Son, Jesus Christ, for whose sake we actually were created! Will we love him, whole heartedly? Will we obey his commandments and stay faithful to him no matter how hard it may be?  (Matthew 7: 21  ;   Matthew 24: 13   ;   Matthew 10: 22)

 Depending on how well we pass these tests, our Creator will assign to each one of us, a place in eternity where we deserve to be, where we will fit in best… (2 Timothy 2: 20 – 21)

 We, humans, do likewise, don’t we?

 Animal lovers, for instance, do not want to have a disobedient, dangerous, unpleasant or dirty dog to live in their home, do they? No!

So, they observe the behaviour of every dog, and choose one that is affectionate, good natured, obedient, and clean so that it can live in its master’s house and lay at his feet… Other dogs, with less praiseworthy qualities, their masters will put them in the garden, or in the fields to look after the sheep… They love them all, but each dog is placed where it suits it best, depending on its character, the nature it has proven to have. (2 Timothy 2:20-21).

 As for the vicious and rebellious dogs, their masters will have them chained and caged, far away from themselves, so that they may scare away unwanted intruders…

 Well… God will do likewise:

 He will choose his faithful followers, (those who have sought to please him on this Godless earth), to live near himself, (in his Holy City, the New Jerusalem), forever.

He will have them washed clean of the guilt of their sins by the blood of Jesus, and they will enjoy the best there is in God’s Kingdom. (John 14: 2  ;   Revelation 21: 27  ;   Isaiah 65: 18)

 Others, (such as those who did good to God’s children in need, but did not belong to Jesus), will be “guests” on that new earth. They will live outside the city of God long and happy lives, lives as long as those of the trees, but sooner or later… they will die !  (Matthew 22: 2-14    ;   Matthew25: 31- 40   ;   Isaiah 65: 17-25)

 And some, (actually most), will be thrown outside of God’s heavenly kingdom altogether… in hell, for being wicked, rebellious and unrepentant, and most of all, for rejecting his very Son, who gave his life for them to be spared from going to such a terrible place. (Matthew 22: 2-14  ;   Revelation 20: 12-15  ;    21: 8.   ;    Isaiah 66: 4,  24)

 I, for one, want to live my eternal life as closely as possible to Jesus, for whom I know I was created. For that is where the wonderful God that I love will be!

That is also where the best people, the best living conditions, the best shows and all the excitement will be found, in God’s presence.

 Therefore, now, in this life, I do not seek so much to enjoy it, to live as happily as I can, but rather I strive to be as faithful as I should be to my loving God, who may put me through many tests, many disappointments and failures, who allows me to go through many deep sorrows and dark tunnels of despair. But, through all these sorrowful experiences, he transforms me into the kind of person he wants me to be, while also bestowing on me many unexpected blessings and some happiness…

Through all these experiences God gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves and improve our soul by letting it grow in faith, in holiness, in humility, kindness and faithfulness, all those qualities that he wants to develop in us. (Hebrews 12: 3 – 11)

 And one day… we will receive what we aspire for, and deserve. For it is written in the Bible:

 “God will judge everyone according to what they have done:

To those who, with persistence, kept on doing what is good and sought to receive honour, glory and immortality from God, he will give them, in the eternal life, what they have been seeking for.

But God’s anger and wrath will be poured out on those who choose to please themselves, and refuse to obey the Truth, but live instead lives of wickedness…”  (Romans 2: 6-8)


Where will God will be placing you for eternity?

 Won’t you try harder to please him, so as to, one day, live eternally in happiness, in his presence?




For those who want to know more:


 A Glimpse of the life to come

After Judgement Day, and the destruction by fire of our universe, God will create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

He will then lower down from heaven a readymade city that he had built in advance, (the New Jerusalem), and place it on a mountain, his Holy Mountain, upon that New Earth. (2 Peter 3: 7 & 10.    ;    Revelation 21: 1,  10 – 11  )

God himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will live there, together with all those who love and obey him. In his presence, love, happiness, goodness and beauty will be paramount… (Revelation 21: 3, 22   ;    22: 3 – 4   ;   Zechariah 2: 11)

 God will choose those with whom he is most pleased to become his closest friends: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, David, the apostles and the likes of them… (I strive to be included in that number)

They will live near God’s house, sit with Jesus around his dining table and will help him rule and judge the universe. So the Bible says.  (Luke 22: 30  ,   John14: 2-3 )

 God will choose other of his faithful followers, who have lived less outstanding lives but whose names are written in the “Book of Life” and have been “washed by the blood of Jesus», to also live in the New Jerusalem, in dwellings that he has prepared for them for whenever they visit the City of God! (John 14: 2  ;   Revelation 21: 27  ;   Isaiah 65: 18)

 Their permanent home, however, will be in the countryside, on God’s Holy Mountain, where they will build farmhouses and will live peacefully and happily on them, forever and ever! (Isaiah 65: 21-24)

The Bible does not give much information about everything we would like to know, but, through the parable of “the Son’s Wedding” in Matthew 22: 2-14, we gather that in the Kingdom of God there will be: Citizens, (the “bride” of Christ) , and Non-Citizens, (the “guests”…)  (Matthew 22: 2-14)

 Those guests will be spread out on the rest of the surface of the New Earth that will be created, living in different nations, much like it is done here on earth. (Revelation 21: 24)

 The citizens, God’s children, will live on God’s Holy Mountain and will never suffer long or die. (Revelation 21: 1-4.   ;   Isaiah 11: 9 )

 The guests, however, will live among the nations; things there will be much as it is on our earth: people will work, have families, and when they sin, they will  suffer long for it. They will live as long as the trees do, but sooner or later they will die!  (Isaiah 65: 17-25)

 Animals will live on the New Earth also, wild and domestic animals alike, for they too have souls that will be judged by God. Each will be assigned where they will live.Those animals whom God approves, he will renew them, just like us, and they will live happy and harmless lives on God’s mountain. All animals there will be vegetarians, lions and bears included…  (Genesis 9: 5  ;  Isaiah 65: 25 )

 Some of today’s “spiritual leaders” (that are followed, loved and admired by all here on earth), will be among the least important in heaven, whereas some of the most unappreciated individuals in this life will be among the greatest ones there… (Luke 13: 30)     Will I be one of them?

 And some people, actually many…, will be thrown outside of God’s heavenly kingdom altogether… in hell, for remaining unrepentant, wicked and rebellious, and most of all, for rejecting his very Son, who gave his life for us all to be saved, to be spared from going to such a terrible place.  (Revelation 20: 12-15  ;    21: 8.   ;    Isaiah 66: 4,  24)

 God will apparently enclose the souls of those condemned to hell into the body of worm-like creatures that will live in a deep valley on fire outside the New Jerusalem,  They will be a warning to all passersby… (I suppose they will be put into good use, eating all the rubbish that is thrown in it). (Isaiah 66: 24.  ;  Matthew 25: 41  ;   Revelation 20: 10 )

 As I have already mentioned, the purpose of God placing us here on our earth is for us to pass through a set of tests that will determine where we must spend eternity… (Revelation 20: 11 – 13)

 Let us make sure that we do not end up spending eternity in the wrong place.

The picture that I have described in this presentation is the one that I have reached by gathering all of the Bible’s “jig-saw” pieces on the subject together…

Others may see things differently.

 What matters, in the end of the day, is that each of us strives to enter God’s Kingdom where we will live eternally happy.

       Constantin Economides





Jesus: Son of God or deceiver

   Was Jesus Christ really he who he claimed to be?

Whether one believes in Jesus or not, everyone should admit that he was an exceptional, outstandingly good person:

He taught everyone to love God, to love his fellow man and the Truth.

No one can find anything bad to say about him!

But Jesus claimed that he was not a mere man…

He said that, unlike us, he came down from heaven to earth in order to save all those who believe and follow him!

He insisted that only those who believe and follow Jesus himself will be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.

And on top of it all, he claimed to be the “Only Son of God”, or God in the flesh, an essential part of God himself!

Outrageous claims!

If what Jesus said about himself was not true, then he could not be an exceptionally good man, but rather, a deluded lunatic, a megalomaniac and a deceiver of the worst kind!

His life however, does not depict to us such a vile person. On the contrary. The things that he said and did speak loudly of someone who is very moral, righteous, good, humble and sincere, someone who spent himself for the good of mankind…

He is considered by most to be the best person that ever lived.

In his short life Jesus had more impact on mankind than all other philosophers, prophets and political rulers combined. He changed this world not by means of wars and conquests, but only by the power of his words and example!

He has inspired millions of people throughout history to change radically the way they lived and to seek to become more like him!

He has left his mark on this world to such a degree that we count the years we live in from the year of his birth, thus acknowledging that Jesus was the most important person that ever existed…

Jesus was the best person that ever lived on earth, not the worst, and

it is inconceivable to think that he, who was morally well above all of us, was a deceiver – and one of the worst kind!

Anyone with a clean, innocent, childlike mind would be convinced without the need of further proof that whatever Jesus said must be the Truth! It could not be otherwise.

What really made me, personally, believe in him is when I told myself:

“I am not a good man, but bad as I am, I hate lying and deceiving people. I would never deceive anyone.

If Jesus, who was much, much better than I am, said such things as he did about God, about himself, about heaven and hell, then it must be true!”

This argument, by itself, should convince any sincere and honest thinking person that Jesus must have been he who he claimed to be!

But there are other unshakable arguments that can convince anyone who seeks the Truth:

The ultimate proof:

Apart from the many, amazing miracles that Jesus performed in front of his disciples, Jesus told them that he would give them another, irrefutable proof that will leave them without any shred of doubt that he was truly he who he claimed to be. He told them:

“Men will take hold of me and kill me, but three days later… I will come back from the dead, alive!”

How did he even dare to pronounce such words!

There is no prophecy, no proof, more pertinent or more impossible to fulfill than this one!

But one thing is for sure: If this prophecy was to be fulfilled, it would indeed prove to the apostles without a shred of doubt that he truly came from God, and that everything he had told them was the Truth!

And sure enough, the apostles wrote that things happened exactly as he had predicted: three days after his crucifixion they saw him indeed alive with their own disbelieving eyes… !

No, it cannot be attributed to delusions: They wrote that, after his death, Jesus appeared to them a number of times! He allowed them to touch him, (one actually put his fingers into his wounds).

He ate with them, walked with them, taught them…

And one day, when he was surrounded by more than 500 of his disciples, he rose slowly, slowly into the sky, right before their eyes…

From that time onward, the apostles started spreading the news to everyone, by word or letter, that Jesus was the Christ, (the long-awaited Messiah), the Only Son of God and the Only Saviour of mankind.

They didn’t merely believe it. They were absolutely sure of it !

In order to silence such claims, the Jewish religious authorities imprisoned the apostles, beat them up and warned them that they will be killed if they kept on spreading stories about Jesus having resurrected…

The apostles, for their part, did nothing else but that, evangelizing everyone, all the time and everywhere…

And, true to their threats, the Jewish authorities started killing anyone of them they could lay their hands on… In time, all the apostles were killed, one by one, by the Jewish or Roman authorities.

The apostles knew very well what they were in for: persecutions, beatings, imprisonment and death!

But they also knew what their duty was, having been eyewitnesses of everything that Jesus said and did and most of all of his resurrection. So, they kept on spreading the news everywhere, no matter what it cost them…

The unshakable argument:

How can you explain the willingness, the persistence of the apostles to fulfil their painful mission when they knew that they would have to face as much persecution as their Lord did if it is not for the fact that they truly saw Jesus resurrected?

A person could suffer much and give his life for something he believes in, (believes it to be true, even though he may actually be mistaken) !

No one, however, will ever give his life for something he knows it to be a lie. (In the apostles case, it would have been a lie that first came out of their own mouths, and which gave them nothing but trouble in this life…).

If they were lying for one reason or another, if they had not seen Jesus resurrected, they would have not (all of them, without exception) gone through the awful existence and death that they describe in their own letters, and that history confirms.

The fact that all the apostles, without exception, chose to persevere evangelizing in spite of the tremendous enmity and adversity they were receiving, proves beyond a doubt to us, today, that they were telling the Truth: They saw Jesus resurrected from the dead!

Having paid such a price for telling their story, the apostles would have certainly passed the scrutiny test of a “reliable and trustworthy   eyewitness” in any Court of Justice today…

The written testimony of these eyewitnesses proves to us, today, that Jesus has resurrected, and that everything that he said is true:

There is a God, there is a life after this one, a heaven and hell…

Dear reader, having read the above, logical, down to earth arguments, you should now be shaken, convinced and convicted by them.

You are now standing in front of the most important crossroad that you will meet in your life! You must now choose the correct road to walk on.

Do not let these arguments that you have just read slip out of your mind until you have reached a definite conclusion and acted upon it. Do not let anything else distract you!

Do not harden your heart because today’s “Christians” may have put you off « religion »! You are not urged to become “religious”! You are to become like Jesus and follow his teachings!

You will have to change radically your way of thinking and living, if you want to live eternally happy after your death,

Jesus taught us that God is a Just God, and his justice demands that your sins be not simply “wiped out” and “forgiven”!

They must be punished, paid for.

And either you will pay yourself for your Godless way of living or you will join those whom Jesus died for… and be exempted!

What must you do?

Start by praying and asking the Lord Jesus to enter in your life and heart, allowing him to change you from within.

Cooperate with him and change what needs to be changed in your life.

What God requires of you is written in the New Testament.

It is God’s Word! It is the most precious thing humanity possesses!  Read it every day and do what it teaches.

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Working out our Salvation

Working Out” our Salvation !
So many Christians, today, hold that they are most definitely “saved” because they declare themselves “born-again” even though they follow Jesus instructions and example somewhat imperfectly…
Since Jesus died for their sins, they are convinced that they will not have to suffer punishment for the sins that they now commit…
Are they right?
Consider now the following passages that should make you less certain of “once saved, always saved” !
(I have translated the passages bellow directly from the Greek text for accuracy, and paraphrased them for clarity. Read them for yourselves in your Bible…)
“All of us sin, and do not have the right to enter in God’s glorious Kingdom. But we can receive that right freely  by faith, thanks to the salvation that is available in Jesus Christ.
God made him the means by which we can  receive God’s pardon and mercy. Because we trust in Jesus’ blood we are covered by his righteousness and we have our previous, past sins overlooked… “        (Romans 3: 23 – 25)
Notice: Our previous sins only are overlooked, forgiven: those we committed before being “born again”. The sins that we commit after having decided to follow Jesus Christ will be punished on Judgement Day, some with leniency, some severely! The next passages make this clear:
“If we sin willingly after having known the Truth of the Gospel, there will be no atonement of sin for the believer,  (no making amends in order to get some leniency for the punishment that we deserve).
Such a person can only expect to be severely punished with those who act against God, punished even more severely than they will, because he, as a believer, has trampled on the Son of God by sinning willingly. He treated with contempt Jesus’ blood that was shed for the very purpose of making him holy and keeping him holy.
He has blasphemed God’s Spirit of Grace! It will be terrible for him on judgement day. For God himself says: I will make such a  believer pay dearly for such a behaviour”.      (Hebrews 10: 26~ 31)
God’s servant who knows what is the Lord’s will and does not do it, will be beaten much on Judgement Day, whereas the servant who did not realize he was sinning will be beaten less…      (Luke 12: 47~48)
Any injustice done to someone is a sin. There are however sins that are not serious enough to lead to death (to hell), and there are sins that do lead to death.     (1 John 5: 17)
“Do not think that you will be saved just because you “believe” in God! No way! Unless you work out your faith by doing good to others, being holy and obeying God’s Words, you will not be saved from your sins. Such a faith is worth nothing.”     (James 2: 14~ 26)
Work out your salvation with fear, be terrified of sinning and finding yourself under God’s wrath!”     (Philippians 2: 12)
Living a holy life after being “born-again” is a pre requisite for our salvation! But it is not the only one: God demands more from us in order to enter his Heavenly Kingdom:
Like: Removing all temptations that can cause you to sin:
“If anything causes you to want to sin, remove it  mercilessly from your life, or you may fall into sin when tempted and you risk ending up in the fire of Hell!
So, be hard with yourself and do whatever must be done in order to keep away temptations from your life.”       (Matthew 18: 6~ 9)
Like: Begging for forgiveness and making amends so as to be truly forgiven by those you have hurt (serving them in some way, for instance) And  you, yourself must forgive those who do likewise to you:
“On judgement day,  men will demand justice to be done for whatever wrong you have done to them.
You will then have to suffer much for whatever wrong you did to them before you are allowed to enter the Kingdom of God!
Two things can save you from such fate:
1.Hurry back to the persons that you have hurt in life, and beg for their sincere forgiveness, making amends for the wrong that you have done to them until they really forgive you from their heart.
Words such as: “I forgive you” are not enough! They are often spoken insincerely. On Judgement day, however, their heart will speak differently…
2.Show mercy to those who have hurt you and forgive them from your heart when they beg you for mercy and make acts of repentance. Only then will God show you some mercy also….  “(Matthew 18: 21~35)
Like: Developing a “child like” attitude and character:
“If you do not allow your spirit to go  back and become what it was when you were a child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven !”       (Matthew 18: 3)
Are you still so confident that you are saved because you have “invited Jesus into your heart”?
And do you still hold that you will not be punished for your sins before entering God’s Kingdom?
Let us all not only “respect” God, (as “fear” is often translated  and understood today), but let us actually fear God with trembling, as it is written in the Bible. 


The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Bad

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad
In the first pages of the Bible in (Genesis 2: 8~16) it is written:
God made man out of the dust of the earth, breathed in him the breath of life and he became a living being.
And Yahweh planted in  the garden of Eden two trees:
     The Tree of Life, which man could eat of its fruit if he wanted to live forever the kind of life he was living…
     The Tree of Knowing what is Good and Evil, which God forbid him to eat it’s fruit under the penalty of death ! (that is, living exiled, outside of God’s loving presence and care).
We know what happened, since mankind lives now mostly an  unpleasant and difficult existence…So, the question arises:
Why did God give to our ancestors, Adam and Eve, the possibility of choosing something that would bring such disastrous consequences upon them and their descendants?
Allow me to explain to you what I have come to understand  after reading, studying the Bible exhaustively for five decades. I will write with all the  simplicity of a child, as God will have me do:
Even though the Creator is surrounded by myriads of servants, angels  and other beings, he still wanted to have around himself some creatures that will be very much like himself, so that they may become his closest companions, his best friends.
Actually, he wanted them to be more than friends: He wanted them to be as close to himself as a wife is for her husband! There is no closer to that!
(I will have to drag you a bit into my personal life in order to illustrate better my explanation!):
I am without a wife, and I suffer terribly because of it. I have a daughter, who lives with me, and is the best daughter anyone could have, a wonderful companion and a true blessing to me! But, I am not satisfied: I want, I need to have a good wife, (even many such good wives, if I am to be honest…)
Now, if God was to appear to me, one day, and offer me to make me such a girl as I want her to be, beautiful, with golden hair, blue eyes, fair skin etc., a wife that will never leave me, disobey me or hurt my feelings (as my previous two wives did)… if he was to make one such dream-girl to measure for me, (so to speak), I would jump out of joy, and be very happy… for a while.
Yes, only for a while! Because, after a while I would realize that this beautiful girl in the flesh is just a…robot. She has been programmed to be as she is, and this takes away from her much of what I truly want from a wife!
In reality, what I want is to have a wife that can leave me, can disobey me and hurt me, and be unwilling to love me wholeheartedly etc., but who choses not to do all these things because she appreciates me and loves me!
I do not want a robot made out of flesh, but a person like myself who can choose for herself, and does me the honour of choosing to love me, to make me happy in whatever way she can, because she knows that, she, herself, will only be happy when she is near me and receives back my love and care that I have for her.
That is the kind of wife I want, and that is the kind of companions our Creator wanted to create!
In order to achieve that, he placed the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil right in front of their eyes, thus making them free: Free to happily keep on being close to him by not eating of its fruit, or free and able to disobey him and break that relationship with their Creator and God.
Adam and Eve chose the later option, and we all bear the consequences of their action.
It was all part of God’s plan! His specialty is to turn a negative to a positive, a failure into a success, a weakness into strength.
After the “fall”, when men choose to live just as they wanted to, God started observing each one of us carefully!
He is searching for those of us who would seek him out of their own initiative and free will, who would search for him and want to please him.
Whenever he finds such a rarity, he reveals his nature to them, so that they may  love him exceedingly, more than they would love themselves, their family or their life, for no one is as good, righteous, loving, giving and worthy of being adored than the Only true God and his Son, Jesus Christ who revealed him to us…
Then, God tests each one of them in order to determine how much each one truly loves him, how much he (or she) is willing to deprive himself / herself of pleasures for him, and how much they are willing to actually suffer in order to please him. He needs to know how faithful they will be to him, how good their heart truly is, and much more.
And one day, he will choose the best of them to become his closest and most honoured companions in his Heavenly Kingdom, for ever.
Others, (depending on the love, trust, faithfulness and submission they had shown  for him while on earth), he will choose them to live happily closer or a bit further away from him, in his Holy City.
Everyone will get as much honour and happiness and blessings as he or she deserves!
As for those humans who refused to repent of their rebellious and evil attitude towards him, (those who rejected his only Son Jesus Christ who went as far as dying on the cross in order to redeem them and restore them into God’s presence and loving care), God will reject them in return.
He will and make them pay eternally in Hell, according to the evil and self-centeredness they demonstrated on earth, each suffering to the degree that he or she deserves.
We are being watched, carefully observed! We were given a free will so that some of us will freely chose to please God.
Let us repent and forsake  our self-centered lives, and let us be God-centered, living with fear, obeying, loving and appreciating our Creator and God.

The English Lord and his servant

The English Lord and his Servant


One fine morning, a rich landlord took his double barrel gun, mounted his horse, called a servant of his and went to hunt in his large estate.

Being of good spirits he started teasing his servant:

“Tell me”, he said, “ you believe in God, don’t you?”

“Oh yes sir”, answered the servant, “I am a staunch follower of Jesus Christ”.

“Ah good”, went on the lord, “because I would like you to explain to me something: You see, I don’t believe in God! I couldn’t care less about Jesus and the Bible… and sin (as you call it) is a daily part of my life. You know what I mean. And yet, as you know, I am rich, healthy and very happy.

Now you, you who love Jesus and follows him, you are poor, troubled with the many problems you have with your health and family. You are unhappy, to say the least!

How do you explain that? I mean, if your God truly existed, shouldn’t you be the rich, blessed and happy one, and I the poor, wretched and miserable one!?

I am interested to hear how you explain this dilemma!”


What could the poor servant say! He actually tended to agree with his master… He didn’t answer…

But the Lord was pushing him for one, obviously enjoying the moment:

“Come on, don’t be shy, answer me…”

The servant prayed silently to his God to help him silence his cheeky master!

At that moment, the lord drew his shotgun and started firing at a group of partridges that he had spotted. He was a good shot, and hit a good number of them.

He then sent his servant to collect them, and from afar shouted at him:

“Hey, you, pick up first those partridges there, those who are still alive, lest they manage to escape. The dead ones pick them last. Those ones can’t go anywhere…”

The servant did just as his master had ordered him.

He filled the sack he had with him with the game, and they headed back to the mansion.

Halfway there, the servant spoke to his master:

“Sir, shall I give you an answer to the question you asked me earlier?”

“Ah, yes”, said the lord, “let me hear…”

“Well”, said the servant, “ I believe that God sends his angels to gather mankind to him. They are to do whatever is necessary to help them repent, change their ways and start following his Son, Jesus Christ!

And God, watching his servants from above, shouts to them instructions just as you did earlier on with me. He tells them:

Hey, you, do not waste your time with those men whose hearts are hardened / dead so to speak.

Go after the tender hearted ones, concentrate on those who are open to change, and do whatever is needed to help them come to their good senses, that they may choose to pursue their eternal happiness more than their momentary earthly wellbeing. Bring them to their senses with calamities, sicknesses, sorrows, failures and whatever else will cause them to stop and think about the purpose of life…

As for those whose hearts are made out of stone, who take pleasure in their sinful and evil ways, don’t waste your time on them. Leave them alone. They will not repent…

They, unfortunately, will not escape their dreadful fate…”


Dear reader,

In what category of men do you fit in?

In the humble and soft-hearted ones or in the short sighted, earthly minded ones, those who choose to remain self centered and evil!

Take heed of what Jesus said:

“The road that leads to perdition is wide, and many are those who walk on it. But the gate that leads to God’s kingdom is narrow, and the road that leads to it is full of sorrows, and few are those who will keep on following it to the end…” (Matthew 7: 13-14)

According to these words of Jesus, most men are heading for…hell. Do not feel safe being in the crowd! As long as it is still time, take these words of Jesus to heart. Humble and soften your heart and change your way of thinking and living. Do not seek your happiness in this evil world, but work to get it in the next world, the eternal one.

Ask the Lord Jesus, in prayer, to come into your heart, that he may cleanse it and rule over you.

Study his Words in the New Testament and put them into practice.

Seek for the Truth of God only in the Bible, in the Words that Jesus uttered, and his Apostles wrote down.

Just as you find time to eat everyday, no matter how busy you may be, find time to feed yourself daily from the Words of Jesus, in the New Testament.

Put them into practice, and you will live an eternally blessed life in God’s kingdom.


Constantin Economides.



The Eye of the Needle

   The Eye of the Needle!

In Jesus’ times, all the big cities were surrounded by big walls that protected them. To enter a city, someone had to go through the city’s gates, those heavy and sturdy doors that were to be closed in times of danger.

In Jerusalem those doors were closed every Friday evening to stop people from bringing in goods in order to trade on Saturday, God’s appointed day of rest.

Within the main gate of Jerusalem there was a small door cut out of it that offered access to the city to any late traveler. In relation to the big gate, this little opening looked like the eye of a needle, and that is how it was called.

When the late travelers would arrive in Jerusalem on Friday evening, they would find the main gates closed and locked, but they would still be able to enter the city through the “eye of the needle”.

Their loaded donkeys, however, or their camels would not fit through it, and they would have to be unloaded, made to kneel if too tall for the door, and made to crawl through the eye of the needle! 

Jesus used this common and bothersome procedure as an example and said:

It is difficult for someone rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God!”     (Matthew 19: 23-24)

“For the gate that leads to Eternal Life is narrow (just like the eye of the needle) and the road that leads to life is full of sorrows… Few are those who will keep on walking on it to the end.”  (Matthew 7: 14)                                

And while on the subject, Jesus also said: 

“If you are not willing to give up all your wealth and belongings you cannot be my disciple!”     (Luke 14: 33)

“The Son of Man (Jesus himself) will one day appear on earth, in all his glory, and he will say: You all saw me being hungry and thirsty when I was on earth. You saw me being in need of clothes, in need of help, of protection and love!

Some of you did help me out: you fed me, clothed me, and cared for me. Come now and enter in my heavenly Kingdom.

But the rest of you, you who saw me in need and  did nothing about it, you will not escape from being thrown into the eternal fire of Hell that has been prepared for the Devil and his followers!

Because, what you did not do to one of the least important of my followers, you effectively  did not do it to me personally!”  (Matthew 25 : 31-46)

“Do not be afraid, you, the little flock that follows me. Do everything I am telling you to do: Sell whatever is not absolutely necessary in your belongings and give the money to those who badly need it.”  (Luke 12: 32-33)

“And do not be too concerned as to how you will manage to survive in this life, like the people of the world do. God your Father knows what you need in order to live! So, trust him and seek above all to receive entrance into God’s Kingdom, and to live this life with righteousness and, all these things that are so necessary for your earthly life will also be given to you.”  (Luke 12 : 29-31)                            

“Stop worrying about how you will survive in the future… Just worry about today’s problems.”     (Matthew 6: 34)                                     

“Do not work hard in order to get rich here on earth, but rather work hard in order to get rich in Heaven. For where your treasure is, that is where your heart will lead you… ”    (Matthew 6: 19-21)                          

“Consider the birds of the sky: they don’t plant seeds, neither do they gather them or store them. They don’t worry about the future, and yet God feeds them everyday of their lives! How much more will he do that to you, oh you of little faith!”   ( Luke 12: 24)                       

“Watch out and guard yourselves from every kind of greed, because excessive possessions will become a stumbling block that will prevent you from entering the Eternal Life.”     (Luke 12: 15)                                 

“What good will it be to you if you actually manage to obtain and enjoy everything that you desire in this world, but, by doing so, you forfeit your eternal soul? Is there anything more important to you than your soul’s eternal happiness?”  (Mark 8: 36)                                

“You cannot try to achieve two opposing goals in life: You cannot seek to please God and simultaneously strive to get rich.

Either you will despise the riches of this world and set your mind at doing what pleases God, or you will despise God’s ways, and go after money.

So, prove to yourself and to God that you are truly  following me by using the money that you  earn in this unfair and unequal society to help others. If you do this, you will be allowed to enter heaven. And, those you have helped on earth will be your friends there…”  (Luke 16: 9-13)                            

“As for you sinners, you who pretend to be religious and righteous but who are full of greed and evil: Give your belongings to the poor and by doing this you will be healed from your folly and greed…”(Luke 11: 39)


Dear reader and fellow Christian,

As you can see, Jesus unmistakably expects us to help those who are in need. By not caring for his brothers and sisters in need, we are not caring about him personally.

And he takes it  personally…


 Constantin Economides


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