This World is so Unfair! WHY?

I am not talking about the unfairness that comes from men, that of treating one another unfairly.
I am talking mostly of the unfairness that we inherit from birth  or from God:
Some are born very beautiful or handsome, others less so, and others downright ugly…
Some are born healthy, strong, and intelligent and others are born with many  defects, weak and intellectually disadvantaged…
Some are born in wealthy families, and most in poor families, struggling to exist…
To some, life seems to smile, and they achieve and enjoy much  in this world, while for others it look as if they have been cursed by God himself: everything goes wrong in their lives…
It actually seems that God himself is unfair!
How else can we, those who believe in the God of the Bible, explain this real problem of being at a great disadvantage than others in every conceivable way.
Other religions make provisions for such unfairness, such as the Hindu religion who believe that we reincarnate, and our present body is the result of our previous earthly lives, whether good or bad!
But the Bible rejects the idea of re-incarnation, for it is written:
“Everyone must die once and after that face God’s judgement”   (Hebrew 9: 27)
Thus, according to the only True God and his Word, we do not get born and die many times: we die once!
And yet, there is evidence in the Bible that although we only die once, we lived in some other form before we were actually born on earth!
And that would explain much of the “unfairness” that our God is accused of: It could well be that everyone got what he deserved when he became human, just as the disciples suggested to Jesus in the passage bellow:
“Once, the disciples pointed to Jesus someone that was born blind and asked him: whose fault is it that he is born blind? Is it because he sinned, or is it because his parents’sinned?    (John 9: 1~2)
If today’s theologians were right, Jesus would have answered:
“Don’t ask such silly questions! How could this man have sinned himself  since he did not even exist before being conceived…”
Instead Jesus answered:
“Neither he, nor his parents had sinned” (John 9:3)
He silently confirmed, in this short answer of his, that men exist in some other form in heaven, before they are born on earth, and that their behavior there causes God to make them as they are here on earth.
And there are other passages that imply man’s pre-existence:
The apostle Paul wrote:
“God had me set apart before I was even born…to reveal his Son to me and appointed me to evangelize the nations” (Galatians 1: 15-16)
Similarly God said to the prophet Jeremiah:
“Before I, your God formed you in the womb, I, knew you well, and before you were even born I consecrated you to become a prophet to the nations”. (Jeremiah 1: 5)
There should be no doubt therefore, that we existed before we were born, and that what he made of us in this life on earth is a consequence of how we behaved previously in heaven.
Let no one blame our God of being unfair.
God is Just, and that is the opposite of being unfair!

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I am so glad to be able to help in ways that will bring new hope for the whole family. from the papa to the youngest. Blessed family of God, if things gets bad, email me and I will try to comfort you. Earth is the boot camp to Heaven! The word BIBLE…if you take all 5 letters in Bible..the B could mean basic..I could mean infomation…B… before…L.. leaving ..and E…Earth. So..Bible..basic info before leaving Earth..cute. I like stuff like this!!

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