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Most of you already know that I am a YouTuber & a musician, and I therefore need to work much on the computer… spending long hours staring at a screen that often hurts my eyes, leaving a long-lasting burning sensation.

Long time ago, my father had a young friend who worked much on the computer like me and because of that, he damaged his eyes so much that he had to have an expensive, difficult and dangerous surgery in his eyes. Thank God it was successful!

But, back to me now: my grandmother sent us medical eyeglasses from her shop in the Philippines and they helped our eyes a lot! I now wear them everyday to stop and prevent me from getting eyestrains and dry eyes.

I also found many other people who use these same medical spectacles and have found them to be very helpful, and according to some testimonies, even miraculous!🤨


So, here’s some product information:

IonSpec medical glasses are equipped with a Germanium Stone attribute, Far Infrared (FIR), Nano Silver, tourmaline stone, and also Negative Ion embedded in its temples and frames through nanotechnology from Germany making it the only glasses with medical functions in the world. It is made of an elastic and light material with different shapes and colours making these medical glasses FAVORITE for many people since they are suitable for various ages, facial shapes, genders, and other aspects.

Built in lenses are neutral without power (no grades) and are equipped with Anti Blue Light, Anti Ultra Violet (UV), and Anti EMF (Electromagnetic Field) layers.



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